Message from the Presidents

Ever since our establishment in 1919, Chinkaido has been offering a wide variety of
products from the sea, ranging from seafood to pearls. At our shop located inside Toba
Ichibangai, a building that houses certified tax-free shopping facilities for foreign
tourists, we are looking forward to your visit!
Please feel free to drop by our main outlet, which offers a wide selection of seafood
including Ise ebi lobsters, abalone, turban shells and oysters.

Chinkaido Co., Ltd.
Presidents: Shigeo Mizutani
Nobuko Mizutani
Two presidents are appointed for Chinkaido Co., Ltd.

Business Description

Production, wholesale and retail of seafood products and gifts
Wholesale and retail of pearls
Retail of other souvenir products

Services Available at Toba Ichibangai

Credit card payment
Free Wi-Fi
Coin lockers (paid)
Mobile charges (paid)
1 hour of free parking

Chinkaido – Company Profile

1919 Starts business under the name of Ishihara Shoten
at Iwasaki-cho in the city of Toba.
1922 Develops and starts the production and sale of pickled abalone and sea
urchin products.
1928 Starts delivery of Ise ebi lobsters packed into boxes direct to destination
all over Japan Changes the shop name to Ishihara Chinkaido, and starts the
production, wholesale and retail of seafood products.
1977 The late Koichi Mizutani opens Toba Ichibangai together with Itsuo Harada
Chinkaido opens a shop as a tenant on the ground floor of Toba Ichibangai
1988 Constructs a new factory at Ohama-cho in the city of Toba and moves the
company’s operations there Changes the company name to Chinkaido Co., Ltd.
1991 Opens a pearl specialty store named Friend Pearl and starts promotion at
department stores all over Japan.
2009 Opens a store as a tenant in the Uji-Yamada Station Shopping Arcade.


Head Office
300-22 Ohama-cho, Toba. Mie 517-0055, Japan
Tel.: +81 599-25-5201

Toba Ichibangai Shop
Level 1 Toba Ichibangai, 1-2383-13 Toba, Mie 517-0011, Japan
Tel.: +81 599-26-2882

Uji-Yamada Station Branch
Uji-Yamada Station Level 1 Shopping Arcade, Ise, Mie, Japan
Tel.: +81 90-5607-3111